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Don’t forget to pay your taxes, and have you heard about the Tax Day Tea Parties?
April 15, 2009, 4:07 pm
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The Tax Day Tea Parties are happening all across the country.  There’s one happening at noon today at Rotary Park in Durango.

And just FYI, these are the people behind the politically-motivated party:

The Tax Day Tea Party is a national collaborative grassroots effort organized by Smart Girl Politics, Top Conservatives on Twitter, the DontGo Movement and many other online groups/coalitions.


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Yes, by all means, join the Fox News Channel whores, the discredited Republican party, the global warming denial crowd and the other flat-earthers!

Bring your own pitchfork!

Comment by John McNary

Check out this youtube video to see how MSNBC feels about these tea parties.

Comment by jeffhammett

That’s right. Spin it off as republican, Fox News, whatever. Stick you narrow-minded, take-care-of-me sorry soul in the sand and watch what happens when WORKING people finally dig down and remember what started this country anyway. Think the dems give a damn about the Indian people? Think either party gives a damn about the Indian people? Here’s a prime opportunity for the native people to find common bonds with self sufficient people of all races–but, nooooo, let some pop culture dim wits talk down honesty, spirituality, integrity, and independence–then throw $400 bucks a year around like its some big gift. Ignorance is a dangerous thing when it’s allowed to vote. For the love of God, learn the difference in news and propoganda.

Comment by chammonds

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