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Dames at Sea at the Strater seems to be a hit
July 2, 2009, 9:33 pm
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According to KSUT executive director Beth Warren, Dames at Sea, the summer musical at Henry Strater Theater, is a total blast.

“I loved it,” writes Beth, “and you can’t believe how talented the actors are.  People are saying Liz Gray  is the next Carol Burnett!”

Dames at Sea, in case you missed the off-off Broadway version of it in ’66, is a spoof musical about a small town girl who dreams of making it big. Instead of Broadway, however, the little starlit wannabe lands herself on a battle ship. Madness set to music ensues.

“I am a huge fan of Merely Players,” continues Beth. “Mona Wood-Paterson, Chuck Ford and Sophie Parrot.  It was a no-brainer to want to attend Dames at Sea, and then I literally laughed my head off.  There is more talent in the six actors on stage, then you see in any major film production.  Everyone holds their own and the creative nuances are hysterical.  I embarrassed my children during the umbrella scene.  No more hints on that, you just have to see the show.  KSUT will be giving away tickets from time-to-time, so tune in for that…..but you should also just make a reservation and go see a fabulous night of entertainment. So way to go…..Austin, Liz, Leah, Jessica, Landon and Adam…..you are all headed for true stage greatness, and we are very lucky to be in your audience this summer.”

The Dames poster you see above, by the way,  might look familiar if you drink Ska’s True Blonde; it’s carrying the Dames at Sea label as a tribute to the show all summer long. 

The production will be at The Hank through Aug. 15. Click here for tickets.


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