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Lyle Lovett Day at KSUT
July 20, 2009, 1:45 pm
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Lyle Lovett and his Large Band will be stopping in Durango on July 27.  To celebrate, KSUT Public radio will be hosting “Lyle Lovett Day” on the airwaves from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, July 21.

We’ll be telling stories about the man — like the time he was mauled by a bull, but kept performing shortly after anyway — and filling listeners heads with enough Lovett music and trivia to hold you over until next week’s show.

Call the concert box office today at 247-7657, buy your tickets and be entered to win a pair of VIP upgrades!

Call KSUT at 563-0255 if you want to request a Lyle Lovett song today or share a Lovett story that we can use on the air.

You can also email us 1) you’re a big fan, 2) you know something about Lovett we don’t or 3) you have a comment or question.


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Best show ever was at the Santa Fe Opera in 2004 – a magical evening with Lyle Lovett, his large band and special guests, including Bill Hearn! Can’t wait to see him in our own backyard!

Comment by Beth Warren

From http://sillyjillybean.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/lyle-lovett/ :

I went to a Lyle Lovett concert with some good friends and brought my sister along to enjoy the show. Lyle Lovett was at one time married to Julia Roberts. That is about the extent of my knowledge about the man and his music. Two things stuck out before he started singing: his hair is just like kramers and he is surprisingly really short. It was a fantastic show, fabulous singing and beautiful songs. I was in heaven. The comedy of the night was watching Chelsea text message her friends throughout the show telling her friends how her “old” sister was dancing on the front row of the concert with two other 30 something friends. Oh, the memories!

Comment by ksutpublicradio

From http://toosweet4rocknroll.wordpress.com/2007/11/01/lyle-lovett-if-you-were-to-wake-up/:

Album Review by Mark Deming
[Bio & Info © allmusic.com]

While from the outset Lyle Lovett sounded like a hard artist to pigeonhole, his sponsors at Curb Records and MCA Records seemed determined to sell him as a country artist, though the blues and retro-jazz leanings of Lovett’s second album, Pontiac, suggested that strategy would only be practical for so long. With his third album, 1989’s Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, Lovett seemingly sidelined any career aspirations as a mainstream country act he or his handlers may have held. The album kicks off with a lively cover of Clifford Brown’s “The Blues Walk,” and the next five tunes all bear the smoky, late-night vibe of a low-key jazz joint, with top marks going to the hilariously off-kilter “Here I Am,” the witty scenario of potential infidelity “What Do You Do/The Glory of Love,” and the marvelously sly “Good Intentions.” The second half of the album is steeped in twang, but it was hardly more comforting for country radio programmers; “I Married Her Just Because She Looks Like You” is a “sweet on the outside and sick on the inside” tale of romantic obsession, “Nobody Knows Me” bears a punchline that makes “God Will” sound generous, and Lovett’s straight-faced cover of “Stand By Your Man” stubbornly refuses to either announce itself as a joke or suggest another interpretation. Wherever you choose to file it, Lyle Lovett and His Large Band made it clear that Lovett was only getting better with each album; the songs are uniformly well-crafted, Lovett’s vocals are full of subtle nuance, and his band is in brilliant form throughout (with special kudos to Lovett’s frequent vocal foil, Francine Reed). If you’re going to burn your bridges, you could hardly find a better way to do it than this.

Comment by ksutpublicradio

From http://m4md.wordpress.com/2009/02/23/nobody-knows-me-by-lyle-lovett-1989/:

Mr. Lovett is one of those artists who bends genres to create something altogether fresh and inspiring. Maybe it’s his musical adventurousness, or the fact that his songs are so good that they stand on their own and translate well to any style of music. Whatever it is Mr. Lovett has, I wish I had some of it.

Add Mr. Lovett to our list of national treasures.

Comment by ksutpublicradio

From http://tparkerphoto.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/a-tribute-to-the-musical-genius-of-lyle-lovett/:

If you live long enough you begin to observe many anniversaries. This year marks two most auspicious twentieths. It was twenty years ago that I first surrendered my life to the mercy of the powder gods for a ski season in Alta Utah. The same year I discovered a humble, soft spoken musical artist with prodigal skills, a man from Klein Texas named Lyle Lovett.

Lyle Lovett first emerged onto the musical radar with his self title debut release in 1986. Since then he’s gone on to release some 13 albums and counting, each of these works of art released at fairly even intervals of roughly three years, who would go on to win four grammy awards. Lyle Lovett is a true musical genius, something in extremely short supply these days.

Comment by ksutpublicradio

From http://mellotone70up.wordpress.com/2009/03/22/lyle-lovett/:

Safely into his 50s, booted and suited, and like the other members of his small band, wearing a plain, neat tie, Lyle Lovett, on stage at the Royal Festival Hall, is confident, easy-going and ever so slightly saturnine. Though it never happens, you sense that at any time his mood might change and that anger, in Lovett, would not be a pretty thing. He talks slowly between numbers, with built-in hesitations, delivering apparently of the cuff remarks or seemingly inconsequential tales with a dry laconic wit that places the audience squarely in his hand. Just occasionally, you catch yourself waiting a little impatiently for a song to finish so that you can hear him talk again. It’s no small wonder, you think, Julia Roberts fell for him so hard they eloped.

Comment by ksutpublicradio

From http://meetinmontauk.com/2008/10/25/song-of-the-day-93-if-i-had-a-boat-lyle-lovett/:

Ironically, I was first introduced to Lyle Lovett by my country music-hating brother-in-law, Dana. Because Lyle Lovett is many things, but he is most certainly a country music singer-songwriter.

However, as anybody familiar with his work knows, he is equally adept at blues, jazz and gospel. The truth is, he has established such a distinctive sound that he’s essentially a genre unto himself. “Lyle Lovett” means peerless musicianship, lyrics both poignant and clever and one of the best voices in the business.

Comment by ksutpublicradio

From http://odgie.wordpress.com/2008/07/05/lyle-lovett-and-his-large-band-july-2nd-wolf-trap/:

When discussing musical preferences with people, I can usually tell a lot about a person’s musical knowledge by their reaction when I mention that I am a fan of Lyle Lovett. The most common response I get is “Wasn’t he married to Julia Roberts?”

Sadly, it is true that Lovett is probably best known to the general public as Roberts’ ex-husband. However, for those who know their music, Lovett is known for his brilliant songwriting and impossible to pin down sound. This year for Christine’s birthday I took her to see Lovett at Wolf Trap and it was time and money well-spent.

Comment by ksutpublicradio

Well down here in Texas he is noted for his Music.As are the abundance of TEXAS musicians. And we really don’t care who they take as a wife or husband. Its the music we are drawn to.

Comment by Beau Campbell

From http://theblargosphere.wordpress.com/2009/07/16/ugly/:

Lyle Lovett is famously ugly. I remember being a kid and hearing that he married Julia Roberts, and all the world issued one loud, snotty bronx cheer: “What was she THINKING?!” (I, meanwhile, wondered what he was thinking.) Magazines and newspapers referred to their marriage as “Beauty and the Beast.” And those science-of-attraction shows that are always cropping up on the Discovery Channel and similar venues actually cited Lovett as a paragon of fugliness, explaining that he was ugly because of his assymetrical face.

Comment by ksutpublicradio

Awesome day of Lovett tunes. But, gotta correct something that was said this morning.

Lyle Lovett and his former neighbor, Robert Earl Keen, attended Texas A&M University in College Station, TX, not UT-Austin.

Also, I believe they lived in Bryan, TX, which is adjacent to College Station.

(I went to Texas A&M. To some Aggies – not this one – it’s a mortal sin to make this mistake. There’s a crazy rival between TAMU and UT! Just ask the director of the Community Concert Hall…spacing his name.)

THANKS! Again, great day of tunes…

Comment by Lee Frazer

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