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Remembering our dear friend Carlos Sena
February 26, 2010, 4:32 pm
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Please join us Friday afternoon from 1-3:30 for an on-air tribute to former KSUT General Manager Carlos Sena, who passed away on January 11. We’ll be sharing stories and remembrances, as well as select recordings of the infamous “Beth and Carlos” show – a favorite among local listeners.

To quote his obituary, “Carlos’ greatest talent was the ability, via a quick wit and some wild storytelling, to make people laugh, one of the greatest gifts of all,” his family wrote. “He was also well known for his random acts of kindness – long before giving was in vogue. Carlos was a mountain of joy and had a heart so big that it, often to the dismay of his close friends and family, sometimes cut off the circulation to his brain. The challenge now, for all those he left behind, is to find someone as funny and as entertaining and as generous to fill his moccasins.”

Feel free to share your comments below. See our earlier Carlos blog for more comments.

Carlos and Eddie Box, Jr.

Carlos and Beth

Carlos and Evelyn Burch

Carlos, Beth, Waylon Thibideaux and his dad

Carlos with Eddie and Betty Box

Carlos and Stasia at the Car Talk party

Carlos at work

Carlos and Marvin Cook

Carlos and the staff

Carlos and Mary Kay

Roger Smith, Beth and Carlos sporting automotive shirts at the Car Talk event

Carlos in his younger days

DJ Carlos


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I’ve known Carlos since we were both in diapers. We went to the same elementary (Saint Francis), high school (Santa Fe High), and we were even roommates in college (New Mexico State). He was so special and dear to me and my family. I do, and always will, miss him dearly.

His father Claude was born and raised in Durango so Carlos always had a special affiliation and I know he dearly loved his time in Durango. I also know that he was so very proud of his KSUT radio station.

My son has such fond memories of one of our visits to see Carlos in Durango, which just happened to coincide with the annual Iron Horse Rally. Will was only about 12 and Carlos made special arrangements for him to see the radio station and join us at all the local Durango bars for his first true taste of adult entertainment. Will is now 24 and I still have a hard time explaining that crazy night. But as I’ve always told Will, “it’s not right just because Carlos is laughing”!!

Thanks for having this on-air tribute. Although it brings tears to my eyes, it’s truly wonderful to hear his voice again!!

Comment by Paul Lineberry

Beth, thank you so much for the copies of the tribute to Carlos. You did such a beautiful job & he would have loved it so much. Did he ever tell you about the one time he was engaged to be married & the bride was to plan the whole thing…his only request was that he wanted her to walk the aisle to MUSKRAT LOVE…well she refused & that was that!Carlos requested of me that when he died he wanted When The Saints Go Marching In to be played & your version was lovely, I guess he mentioned that to Monica also. Well it was played in grand fashion at his pre-burial hoopla. Child of the Wild Blue Yonder always reminded him of his sister Amalia. Thanks for sharing your memories. Sherri Chavez, Santa Fe, NM

Comment by Sherri Chavez

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