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Hi to Ron, or whoever is doing the PSA events. I submitted a notice about the following class to your website on 02/21/09, and to date I don’t see it on the calendar. I know that it’s fund drive time now, and you won’t be reading these on the air, but if it could be put on the calendar, that would be great, as the cut-off to sign up for the class is March 10th.

The Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation is offering a class on Prehistoric Lithics Description and Analysis, to be held March 20-22 at the Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College. The course, taught by assistant state archaeologist Kevin Black, is part of the Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification, which is a series of classes designed to introduce basic principles and techniques of archaeology. No prior classes are required. The class is open to the public, and costs $12.00. For more information or to register, contact Peggy Morris at (970) 382-8688 or sipapu_72@q.com before March 10.

Thanks so much.
Jill Tripp

Comment by Jill Tripp

Good Day,

I recently sent a package to David Ludwig; the package contained 2 copies of my recently released CD, ‘As Good As You Want’ along with some reviews and clippings. I am following up to make sure that he received this package. I thank you in advance for any help you can provide in getting a cut from the CD on the air.


Brother Lou

Comment by Brother Lou

Hey Stasia et al.- I really like Sound Opinions and I hope you keep it! Matt

Comment by Matt Kenna

Is there any way to get a copy of today’s tribute to Carlos Sena will it ever be reaired or will there ever bw a link to those moments with Beth & Carlos and some of his great music choices?

Comment by Sherri Chavez

Dear KSUT.

We recently moved back to Shenendoah National Park area, after living @ Mesa Verde area for 10 years, & MISS You Guys very much.
Finally got back on line, & through the magic of the internet, am able to enjoy KSUT again!

Great to hear all the familar voices.

Thanks & keep up the excellent work!!

Happy Summer,

Bill & Lisa Johnson
617 Red Oak Mountain Drive
Woodville, VA 22749

PS-last time we saw you was at the Lyle Lovett concert….Amazing show!!!

Comment by Lisa & Bill

I don’t know when it actually dawned on me that I haven’t heard Ron F in quite a while. I miss his wonderful voice and programs, esp. Straight Ahead Jazz. Has he moved on to other pastures/places? I don’t see him on your Meet the Hosts link so I’m thinking he’s gone 😦

Comment by Karen

hi Anna,

KSUT does not currently have a local news department, nor the resources or personnel to post weather, road conditions, etc on our website. There are several excellent resources for that information:

road conditions: cotrip.org

weather: http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Durango&state=CO&site=GJT&lat=37.27&lon=-107.88

Closures: kob.com

Best regards,

Stasia Lanier

Comment by ksutpublicradio


I just want to say what a treat it was hearing Charlie Langdon reading his poem “The Edward C. Peterson Tree” on the air during your one day fund drive a couple of weeks ago.

I happen to own the Garrison Keillor compilation that includes that poem. I hear Charlie’s voice and nuances as I read it. Good stuff.


-Don B.

Comment by Don Blackburn

Hi Friends,
Manna Outside is Friday June 17th. Manna will be serving lunch outside at Iris Park with Live music from the Animas City Slackers. Food will be served from 11:30 to 12:30.Come join us for music, food, and fun down by the river at Manna Outside.

Comment by Manna Soup Kitchen

Hello KSUT,
A simple request, I hope. I know seconds count on radio, but when you give the morning weather report, could you please include the projected LOWS in the extended forecast. Gardeners and farmers in the 4C are more concerned about the LOW temps than whether it is going to be 70 degrees or 74 degrees during the day. Thanks!

Comment by Lisa Jensen

Global groove on friday night oct. 28 was awesome.
Thanks !

Comment by Allison

Anyway I can get a KSUT decal? Just bought a new car and it feels naked without my sticker….

Comment by Carol W. Hotchkiss

Very disappointed to learn that the 7AM Saturday AM music show has been dropped. It was one of our favorites.
JM Jones & Jim Mohle

Comment by JM Jones & Jim Mohle

Sound Opinions wasn’t dropped, it was moved to Friday night- but I wish it was still Saturday morning, I am rarely listening to the radio on Friday night, and if I am I don’t want to be listening to a talk show, even about music

Comment by Matt

I will continue to support KSUT even without thank you gifts, but was wondering when I will be receiving my Roots @Rythims CD for my spring pledge.

Comment by Michael McClenny

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